How to make a Crochet Beret Slouch Popcorn Hat

Reggae Rasta Beret Slouch Popcorn Cap

SP = Space
INC = Increase
HDC = Half-Double Crochet
EA = Each
PC = Popcorn
CH = Chain
ST = Stitch
DEC = Decrease
HDC INC = Half-Double Crochet Increase
HDC DEC = Half-Double Crochet Decrease
SL ST = Slip Stitch
HDC INC = (HDC CH 1, HDC CH 1, in same space)

Pattern By Teresa Richardson

Video Tutorial:
Reggae Rasta Beret Slouch Popcorn Cap - Part One
Reggae Rasta Beret Slouch Popcorn Cap - Part Two

This is one of those patterns that is very forgiving if you wind up with
an extra stitch or two. That might happen when working in a continual
round. I have included approximate stitch numbers for the beginning
rounds. It is not always important to get caught up and stuck on numbers
if they don't come out exact. On round 20, you might want to try your cap
on to make sure you have not decreased to much. That is the round that
may make your cap to tight.

Size I Crochet Hook

4-Ply Worsted Weight Yarn

Round 1: CH 3, HDC CH 1, 5 more times, Do Not Join. The rest of the cap
will be worked in one continual round.

Round 2: HDC CH 1 twice in same space (for increase), 6 times. (12 HDC CH
1) Mark beginning single crochet of this round with contrasting color
marker. Move marker higher every few rounds as you progress in your work.

Round 3: 2 HDC CH 1 in each space around to increase. (24 HDC CH 1)

Round 4: 1 HDC CH 1 in each of the next 2 stitches, PC (Popcorn) in the
next stitch. (8 popcorn stitches)

Round 5:HDC CH 1 INC in next stitch (HDC CH 1 twice in same stitch). (35

Round 6: HDC CH 1 in ea sp around. (35 stitches)

Round 7: HDC, CH 1 in next sp, HDC INC in next sp, HDC in next sp,
PC=popcorn in next space, continue around to beginning marker. (43

Round 8: HDC CH 1 in each space around. (43 stitches)

Round 9: HDC CH 1 in next 4 spaces, HDC INC(HDC CH 1 twice) in next
space, continue around to beginning marker. (52 stitches)

Round 10: HDC CH 1 in next 4 stitches, PC in next stitch. (52 stitches)

Round 11: HDC CH 1 in next 4 spaces, HDC INC in next space, continue
around to beginning marker.

Round 12: HDC CH 1 in each space around.

Round 13: HDC, CH 1 in next 5 spaces, PC in next space, continue around to
beginning marker.

Round 14: HDC CH 1 in each space around.

Round 15: HDC CH 1 in next 4 spaces, HDC DEC over next 2 spaces.
(Decrease every 5 spaces)

Round 16-19: HDC CH 1 around in each space.

Round 20: HDC DEC over 2 spaces, CH 1 in each space (approximately 25-27
Decreases) Try hat on to make sure you have not decreased to much.

Round 21-23: HDC CH 1 in ea sp around.

BAND:Round 24: 2 HDC in each chain 1 space.

Round 25-26: HDC in-between each HDC.

Skip one stitch, SL ST in next stitch. Cut off. Sew in tail.


  1. do you have a photo of the cap?

  2. I have a video tutorial of the cap.

  3. I cant thank you enough. Your videos are great and so professional, all instruction are clear.

    I would love to do this beret for my 5 year old daughter, I was thinking that just changing the hook size wont do it. I love your work .. please help =S

  4. Thank you Reem, I appreciate your comments and feedback. You can use a smaller hook. You could also eliminate some of the increase rounds at the top of the cap. When you get to the bacd, you can decrease it a little bit more for a custom fit of your daughters head.

  5. i wanna know how to make it without the popcorn stiches and how to add a bill can you help me at all

  6. Anonymous,
    You can replace each popcorn with a half double crochet instead of making the popcorn. The only bill I have right now is for a beanie.

  7. me again you put the rasta hat on a dummie head and i'm just wandering about what size is the rasta hat using the "I" hook because i want to make one but i'm not sure if it will be the right size for me and i have every hook between "D-K" but i don't have an "I" hook and my hat size is right in between a medium and large

    Thanks in advance Teresa you have been alot of help

  8. Happy Thanksgiving Ms. Teresa ,Thank you much for being such a great person , for having such a great site to help us Crocheting .For me is a huge help and a learning process .because even i know how to chrochet , i always learn something new from others.This Reggae Rasta i made , it came out so beautiful and perfect for my friend , it would be a gift for her coming from Africa . Thanks and God Bless You !

  9. Anonymous,
    It is not necessary to use the "I" hook if you don't have it. You can use a size larger or a size smaller. It may be necessary to adjust. If you use a larger hook, you may need to decrease the band of the cap with a few more decreases so it will fit. If you use a smaller hook, you may not need to decrease all the decreases around the band. There are two options for a custom fit to your head with different size hooks.

  10. Luna,
    Thank you so much. I bet your friend will love it.

  11. Hi, I love the look of this cap, and I made one for myself, I added a lot of increases and rounds since I have a big head as well as dreads, and it still wasn't big enough. Do you have any tips for making these for people with dreads (so they will fit inside), or just keep adding increases and/or rounds?


  12. MadKhat,
    You would keep on adding increase rounds to make the top part larger. For the depth, you would continue with more rounds until the cap is long enough. I do have another rasta style design that I have been working on.

  13. Hi!! I love your blog, and I was wondering if you have any video or advice in how to make one of these caps:

    I would love to make one like that for a friend, but with a looonger tip, but I don't know where to start!!!

  14. i dont want the hat to wide so how do i decrease to make the hat less wide or when do i stop the increase and begin the popcorn and decreases?

  15. Okay, so I am doing something wrong...when it gets to the 35 stitches, I've done my 35 and still have space for 13 more...Help! Please!


  16. Are these sort of like the hats for dreadlocks that we see them called softies or basket hats. I wonder if the pattern is the same

  17. hi Ms.Teresa,
    your cap is totally amazing! I am just 12 years old and i am totally nuts about crocheting! I live in the middle-east so you cant really get 4-ply yarn so i made it with 3-ply.. it was sooo cooll!!! I cant thank you enough! your tutorials are just awesome!thanks again,
    israa <3

  18. hello ms.teresa,
    your hat is totally awesome! i am just 12 years old and totally nuts about crocheting! your tutorial is amazing! i live in the middle-east so 4-ply yarn is impossible to get so i had to work with 3-ply.. it turned out perfect!! i cant thankyou enough! your amazingg!!!!


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