How to make Crochet Beret Hat

Crochet Beret

Skill Level: Intermediate

Video Tutorial:
Crochet Beret Cap - Part One
Crochet Beret Cap - Part Two

CH = Chain
SP = Space
HDC = Half-Double Crochet
INC = Increase
EA = Each
ST = Stitch
St’s= Stitches
DEC = Decrease

9 HDC CH 1 - 4"
12 rows - 4"

Size I Crochet Hook
Worsted Weight 4-Ply Yarn

Written By Teresa Richardson

The parenthesis are not additional instructions. They are a guide for how many stitches you should have in each round.

CH 3, join.

RND 1: CH 3. HDC, CH 1, 5 more times, do no join. (6 HDC CH 1 total)

RND 2: HDC, CH 1, twice in ea sp – (6 increases) (12 HDC, CH 1 total)

RND 3: HDC, CH 1 twice in ea sp – (12 increases) (24 HDC, CH 1 total)

RND 4: 24 HDC, CH 1- ( 24 HDC, CH 1 total)

RND 5: HDC INC every 2 ST’s – (11 increases) (35 HDC. CH 1 total)

RND 6: HDC in ea sp. – (35 HDC, CH 1 total)

RND 7: HDC INC every 4 St’s. – (8 increases) (43 HDC, CH 1 total)

RND 8: HDC, CH 1 in ea sp. – (43 HDC total)

RND 9: HDC INC every 5 St’s. – (7 increases) (50 HDC total)

RND 10: HDC in ea sp around. (50 HDC total)

RND 11: HDC INC every 5 St’s. – (10 increases) (60 HDC total)

RND 12-13: HDC, CH 1 in ea st around. (60 HDC total)

RND 14: HDC DEC every 5 St’s. – (10 decreases) (50 HDC total)

RND 15-17: HDC, CH 1 in ea sp around. (50 HDC total)

RND 18: HDC DEC over two spaces, CH 1, around – (25 HDC DEC total)

RND 19-22: HDC in ea st & Ch 1 sp. (50 HDC total)
To end, skip 1 stitch and slip stitch in the next. Secure and cut yarn.


  1. Hi! I think your crochet technique is amazing! I just really want to tell you so! Please keep on the work! And thanks for sharing it with everyone.

  2. I'm a bit confused about Rnd 18 to rnd 19... when decreasing, why do you increase again to 50 HDC stitches?.. and say to keep repeating.. doesn't that just make it wider again?

    Also, How do you measure for the size of the wearer who wants to wear the Beret? (I only have an H hook to work with, and no extra money to spare to buy more hooks, I was lucky enough that a friend wanted to buy a Beret off me.)

  3. I was counting the stitches to follow... I think your math is off... on round 4 to round 5, you said to increase ever other stitch to make "35 stitches"... if you follow from 24 holes, you can increase 11 times plus and extra HDC to make 34 Stitches, or increase only 12 Times to make 36 Stitches... I think you want it on 34 stitches, and because of this, it throws off the ENTIRE equation of stitches....T_T I kept wondering why even when I place a marker, everything kept landing on the wrong stitch, and finally after the 5th time, I started to actually COUNT! the stitches to see that it doesn't line up...

    I would like to thank you for these instruction and all, but I keep getting confused on where I'm at... T_T

  4. Leona,
    That will not make it larger because to that point that cap has been Half-Double Crochet Chain 1. 25 HDC, CH 1 is equal to 50 HDC all together. It won't get larger. Round 19 is creating the band of the cap so the stitches are solid. I also have a hat chart for head sizes posted.

  5. Leona,
    When you increase stitches, your round will shift to the left and your marker will be to the right. The stitches may be even or odd, just depending on where you start your increases. This peticular pattern does not have to be exact.

  6. Leona,
    I also have a video posted on youtube showing how to do the beret.

  7. I was also following your Youtube, that's how I found this blog, ^_^ It is really nice to be able to see what's going on, and I do love a to of you're instructions, I just didn't know it was suppose to shift on the stitches like that.

    Just an added note, I hope none of my posts came off as rude or anything, I was mostly just frustrated when I had to restart the Beret 5 times. LOL I created one before, ignoring the count completely, and it came out fairly well.. without actually thinking to measure... LOL It was actually my first real Crochet piece, and I'm quite proud of it. (lucky me, I pick up all sort of arts and crafts fairly easily.)

    Random question, do you know of any useful tips to prevent wrists cracking or, just the knuckles muscles from hurting? or does it just take time for my hands to get used to the positions? (I used to knit when I was 7 about.. 15 years ago, and I didn't remember it being so hard to the type of needles or hooks like this, I only stopped cause I kept getting this odd extra amount of yarn hanging off every row... I'm sooo glad crocheting is sooo much easier..)

  8. by the way... when I post comments, it randomly changes some of my words and and takes out other words I was typing in, (I do double check my posts before I enter them). Sorry for so many posts. :P

  9. Leona, You would need to speak with a medical professional for what you are describing with your wrists.

  10. Teresa, I just became a fan of your website!!! You're better than any book I've read on the subject!
    The explanations and the videos help tremendously and I learnt the snwoflake stitche that I'm gonna use and abuse this fall!
    Indeed, I'm a ski instructor and I crochet hats to match with my ski outfits.
    I just finished the beret with a really cool soft yarn and I love it!

    Thanks again!
    Serial Skier

  11. Thank you so much for this! I just got done making mine (it turned out a bit too big, but I did the stitches loosely). I'm going to do it over again since now I know what to expect (size wise).

    I love it!

  12. tk-mochas,
    You are welcome. You can leave out an extra row of increases if you like the looser look, so it is not so large. You can add some extra decrease stitches to the band so it will have a tighter fit around your head.

  13. Hi Teresa,

    I want to thank you for being so patient, and so quick to answer my e-mails. I know I had some pretty silly beginner questions that you helped me with! I think I ripped out my hat 20 times trying to get the size just right, ( I was using a different size hook to begin with). Thankfully tonight I have finally finished my first crochet piece, thanks goes entirely to you! I added all sorts of extras to my hat by browsing through other tutorials you had. I added a different color on the last two band rounds and I'm also going to put a classic beret loop at the top! My sister-in-law just had brain surgery and this was for her, I cannot wait till I send it to her. Thanks again!

  14. Lydia,
    You are welcome. I had the same questions when I was a beginner. I am here to answer questions anytime.

  15. Hi! I was so confusing because when you said 6 hdc, ch 1 for round 1, that would be 12 stitches total. For round 2, 2hdc in the same stitch, and ch 1, that would be 24. I just can't make it like what you did. I can't make round 2 ends at where it begins. When I count the hdc and ch 1, it wouldn't be the same.

  16. Hi! did you mean that do only the hdc and skip the ch1, when you count the stitches of ch1 and hdc, it's not the same, and it makes me so confusing. could you please do that video again and show me how you did it?
    thank you.

  17. linhtran1994,
    The instructions are written right above the comment section here so you can see how many stitches are in each round.

    Round 1 has 6 HDC
    Round 2 has 12 HDC

    This text is placed right above the instructions if that is part of your confusion.(The parenthesis are not additional instructions. They are a guide for how many stitches you should have in each round.)

  18. linhtran1994,
    I have edited the text in the written pattern, hopefully to eliminate any further confusion.

  19. Hi! I'm so sorry that I just keep asking you this question. I followed the instructions, but I still didn't nail it. It started to curve up at round 2. I messed up like tons of times. This really means to me because I wanted to give this to my mom as a present. She loves this kinda hat so much. I think that I need to buy her one instead of make it myself. However, I still need to thank you because you helped me alot.

  20. I don't know why it does like that. It doesn't look like a flat thing but it curved up at round 2 when I try to crochet 12 stitches.

  21. linhtran1994,
    Are you doing a chain 1 between each stitch? It is not necessary for the chain to be tight either. That may be what you are experiencing with the curling.

  22. Hi! Yes, I'm doing a hdc then ch 1 and keep repeating it. And the ch 1that makes me so confusing. I don't know how to explain.

  23. i really like the whole site that you have here.. all the information is great.. i have learnt a lot... the one thing that i am wondering is; when i finish a hat i end it the same way you say to and show in the video, but it seems to still want to come undone.. anything else i can do to ensure that the hats will not come undone while wearing them.. thanx

  24. bobbi,
    What do you mean by coming undone? I usually knot my tail at the joining 2-3 times. It should not come apart. I will sew the tails in one direction, then back the other direction. Sometimes the tails will come out in the wash. Just weave them back in if that happens. As long as you have good knots, the hat will stay together.

  25. Do you have a user name on, if so what is it?

  26. Anonymous,
    My ravelry user name is tjw1963. I also have a designer page with the same name.

  27. Hi, I love your video and I have made a couple of berets so far with your help, Thank you:)
    I do have a question however, I am doing them exactly how the video says and when the hat is done it only fits a child is this meant for an adult or is it for a child? I need help, maybe I'm doing something wrong.

  28. cgenna,
    It is meant to fit an adult. I made the cap with a size I hook and 4-ply yarn. It is possible that you may crochet tight. You can try it with a larger hook.

  29. Hi, Teresa! Thank you for this tutorial. I have a question, though. Can I make a beret without the band?

  30. I wanted to know about making a beret without the band. If it is not too much can you do a tutorial for a hat like this one?

    Thank you Teresa!

  31. Anonymous,
    You can make the beret with out the band. It will still be necessary to do the decreases. Once you are finished and it fits, add a round of single crochet and you are done.

  32. Hi, im from Chile, and i bet that you have never thought that someone so far away from your country could see your easy instructions.
    thanks !!!
    Gisela F.

  33. la.gisela,
    Thank you, I appreciate the comment.

  34. Hi Teresa,
    thank you so much for your pattern. I have made two for my daughter and her friend and although they came out fine, my question was: In rounds 8-11, are there NO chain-1 spaces?

  35. hey, i love your patterns! I was wondering if you could post a pattern to make a long mesh like bag? please :]

  36. Hi Teresa, am dieing to make your beret, but I can't find anywhere how much yarn to buy. I have to confess to being thrown intitially by you describing the yarn as "4ply" - in the UK this is quite a thin yarn, nore likely to be used for socks or summerweight knitwear. However, looking at your yarn on the video and seeing that you use a 5mm/5.5mm hook I worked it it is what we call Aran weight over here (and ravelry calls that 10 ply!). Anyway, I've worked out I need to get Aran yarn (sadly as I have bags and bags of what we call double knit in UK - ravelry calls it 8 ply - which would crochet up on a 4/4.5mm hook) and I need to know how many balls (skeins in US?) it takes. many many thanks for your help and looking forward to making it. Fiona

  37. Hi Theresa! I just wanted to say thank you so much! I haven't crocheted in a long time and never made anything but squares. But now, thanks to you and your great videos, I have made 4 hats so far! You are a wonderful teacher and I love your designs! I look forward to all your new postings!

  38. Hi I was looking on the web for how to make a beret and found your site. i might try this but i also sell all my items on Etsy. with your permission may i sell the hat but not the instructions? my e-mail is on my profile and my main blog is stop by sometime.. my crocheting blog is the other one but i dont have my link on my regular blog anymore..

  39. Hi Teresa, thank you for your tutorials! I am a beginner and have made a beret hat from a magazine, but I want to make yours now. I got some yarn but it's not 4 ply, it's 2 ply (this one in red:

    I was wondering what modifications I'd have to make to pattern?
    thank you!

  40. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. Hi Teresa
    My name is Kennita and I love ur videos. I have made a few of ur different hats. I was woundering how I would make this hate to fit a 4 year old.

  42. Hi Teresa..Could you please give me the conversion of your alphabet hooks to number hooks...coz here we do not have the alphabet hooks..thanks!!!


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