Crochet Circle - Two Rounds

Ch 6

Round 1: CH 3, 11 DC in circle - 12 DC total including beginning CH 3.

Round 2: CH 3, 2 DC in next DC, 1 DC in next DC, continue around. SL ST in BEG CH. (18 DC)

Crochet Video Tutorial: Crochet-How to Crochet a Circle

Crochet Video Tutorial: Crochet Circle - Slow Motion



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  2. Thanks Teresa for your blog!!!! very nice!!!

  3. I saw your tutorial on youtube and found it so helpful. I would like to make the circle bigger. You said that the third row should be 2DC, 2DC, 1DC and repeat all the way around. Is this correct? What would I do for the fourth round? Is there a formula you use?

    Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge.

  4. Vivienne, There is not a specific formula for circles. The technique for making circles is to understand increases which is creating 2 stitches in one stitch. There are many combination of stitches to making a circle larger. Your yarn size and hook size will play a role in making a circle larger. Your unique tension will play a role. The combination of stitches that work for one project, may not work for another project.

  5. Hi Teresa,
    I have been watching your youtube videos for a while now and I find them very helpful. I would like to make some socks and I found what looks like a good pattern. If you are able to, I was wondering if you could demonstrate making these socks. I understand most of it but being the particular person that I am, I want to make sure that I would do this the right way. Thank you! And I understand if you're too busy for this. The link to the pattern is:

  6. hi, i have started making a Circle crochet..,i hav completed 7 rows...and now i see that the edges are getting all bent, it isn't setting flat...was wondering if it was coz of too many DC's...i hav done exactly as u hav instructed on the video..i dont knw wat to do next..till the 6th Row it was flat but 7th onwards its bent...waitn for ur reply...Thanks!!!

  7. Syksma,
    The tutorial is for two rounds. It will be necessary to evenly increase if you want the circle to lay flat. Increasing is where you put 2 stitches in the same stitch.

  8. Teresa, Have you heard of a crochet stitch called the wimpet?

  9. kateej,
    Someone else asked me that same question a couple days ago. I have never heard of a wimpet stitch.

  10. My grandsons (ages 8 & 10) are wanting me to teach them to crochet. They will be spending a week or more with me this summer. I could use some ideas and patterns for them. Marble bags, bag for small toys, a cap, etc.? Something for Mom? Your videos are so helpful, and professionally made. Thank you for your help. Geneva in Oklahoma, USA


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