Amigurumi Round Small Ball


Crochet Hook: Size F

Abbreviations Used:

CH - Chain
DEC - Decrease
SC- Single Crochet
EA - Each
LP - loop
ST - Stitch
SK - Skip
REV SC - Reverse Single Crochet

CH 2

Round1: 3 SC in 2nd ch from hk. DO NOT JOIN. Work in one continual round.

Round 2: 2 SC in ea sc around. (6 SC)

Place contrasting marker at beginning to mark first stitch.

Round 3: 2 Sc in ea SC around. (12 SC)

Round 4-6: SC in eac SC around. (12 SC)

Round 7: SC DEC over two SC, 6 times. (6 SC DEC)

Stuff head with polyester fiber fill or stuffing for shape.

Round 8: SC DEC, 3 times. (3 SC DEC)
Amigurumi Video Tutorial: SmallBall - Amigurumi Shape


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