Crochet Triangle

Single Crochet Triangle


Row1:12 SC in each chain (12SC)

Row2: 1 SC Decrease,8 SC in each SC, 1 SC Decrease(10SC)

Row3:10 SC in each SC (10SC)

Row4: 1 SC Decrease,6 SC in each SC, 1 SC Decrease(8SC)

Row5: 8 SC in each SC (8SC)

Row6: 1 SC Decrease,4 SC in each SC, 1 SC Decrease(6SC)

Row7: 6 SC in each SC (6SC)

Row8: 1 SC Decrease,2 SC in each SC, 1 SC Decrease(4SC)

Row9: 4 SC in each SC (4SC)

Row10: 1 SC Decrease,1 SC Decrease(2SC)

Row11: 2 SC in each SC (2SC)

Row12: 1 SC Decrease (1SC)

Edging: SC around work evenly with 3 SC in each point.

Triangle Crochet Video Tutorial:


  1. Many thanks for the triangle written pattern. I will use this to make lightening bolts on my grandson's afghan.

  2. hi,
    I am pretty new at crocheting i loved your tutorial. It was easy to follow!
    i was wondering can i use the triangles to make a bikini top ?


  3. hi,
    I really liked your tutorial
    I am new at crocheting and i was wondering if i could use it to make a bikini top and what possible changes i would have to make ???


  4. Just what I was looking for...thanks.


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