How to make Ripple Crochet Symbol Instructions

This is the symbol instructions for the Ripple Crochet. The multiple is 12 + 6.

The center valley sections are a double crochet decrease. It is done by doing half of your double crochet, leaving two loops on your hook. Skip the previous decrease and continue with the other half of your decrease. You should have three loops on your hook. Pull the thread through all three loops on your hook to finish the decrease.

Ripple Crochet Video Tutorial:
Ripple Crochet - Variation 1

Here is a video demonstration for decreasing double crochet if there is any confusion.


  1. Iv popped in from time to time, I was looking for a tutorial for doing the zig zag stitch and a friend told me you had a video lol Ty sooooooo much :) I cant believe I didnt see this before :)

  2. I found a really gorgeous Afghan on ebay and I was interested in buying it but the seller has the shipping going for $13 which imo is too much to pay on top of whatever I pay for the afghan, especially since I just got an item that I know is a lot heavier for less. So I wanted to try to find a tutorial to see if I could make it myself and I knew to come to see if you had one and here it is. I'm really excited to get started on this afghan, to see if I can reproduce it somewhat close to the original.

  3. what do you mean when you say multiple of 12 plus 6, you are a good instructor, thanks for all your videos

  4. You are by FAR the BEST crochet instructor I have ever seen, online or otherwise. Not only are your videos clear & concise, but your written instructions are just as good. I love that you give the "multiples" how can anyone creating something individual NOT have this important & almost always forgotten piece of info! I applaud you! I just got my eye sight back & am ecited to restart what was once a passion. Thank You SO Much! msdowneast

  5. I too think you are a great teacher, especially for a beginner like me and live your video tutorials.
    I am confused.....what does the multiple is 12+6 mean? Does that pertain to the number of chains or something???? Help.

    1. 12 is the number of chains repeated to create each segment of the pattern. The 6 is the amount done just one time at the beginning.

    2. Hi Teresa. Can you please explain how you would do a ripple stitch with a more steep peak?

  6. Hi Teresa, If I wanted to do 10 DCs between each increase & decrease (instead of 5) how could I adjust the chaining -- I understand the multiplier of 12. Would this become a multiplier of 22 plus 6?


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