Half Double Crochet Cloche Hat

Half-Double Crochet Cloche Hat

Size I-5.5mm crochet hook

Created By: Teresa Richardson

Chain 4, join

Round 1: Ch 2, 11 HDC in loop (12HDC) DO NOT JOIN. Work all HDC in-between
HDC stitches from this point on in a continual round. Have
contrasting color marker handy to mark first stitch of your work.

Round 2: 2 HDC increase in-between each previous HDC, continue around.
(24 HDC)

Round 3: 1 HDC in-between each HDC, continue around. (24 HDC)

Round 4: 1 HDC in next HDC, 2 HDC increase in-between next stitch,
continue around. (36 HDC)

Round 5: 1 HDC in-between each of the next 2 HDC, 2 HDC increase
in-between next stitch, continue around. (48 HDC)

Round 6. & 7: 1 HDC in-between each HDC, continue around. (48 HDC)

Round 8: 1 HDC in-between each of the next 6 HDC, 2 HDC in-between the
next stitch, continue around. (54 HDC)

Round 9: .HDC in-between each stitch to desired length.

Brim: Row 1 & 2: 2 HDC in-between next HDC, HDC in-between each of next 2 HDC, continue around.


  1. great hat! you did an awesome job on the video tutorial too! i wanted to teach a friend to crochet, was looking for a good pattern, and i hit the jackpot when i found yours! :D awesome!

  2. Can I use a K hook? Does it make a difference?

  3. BJ,
    A larger hook will make the hat larger. Just how much and how different will depend on your unique crochet style.

  4. This pattern is the BEST...in the last month I've made 5!! I've added stripes in the middle used multi colored yarn, you name it I've done it. Each and every time they look great!

  5. This was the first pattern I was ever able to finish. I've made 2 so far in the last week. the first 1 i made i used a size8 vr4oshet hook and i ended up making a berrett, it looks really cute, thanks a lot!

  6. i just watched this video and can't wait to start... my question is (i'm kinda new to this). how do i finish it off?? i'm not sure how to "sew" the end in like you said. can you help?

  7. Julia,
    This video will show how to sew in tails.
    Sewing in Tails

  8. I'd like to crochet this lovely hat, but don't know what kind of yarn you used. Is it double knit or Aran quality?

  9. I've made this hat twice and each time it's smaller than I want...is there a way to make it larger?

  10. Jeni,
    The easiest way is to use a larger crochet hook to make the cap larger. The other way is to modify by adding more increase rounds.

  11. I have completed two hats so far; however, they only fit small children. I've tried to use a larger hook but I don't like the loose stitches. Can you explain when to start the increase rounds. Is it after round 8? please HELP thanks

  12. I have a few questions. I have brought software to do my own slideshow (slideshow expressions) but had to convert the file which made my video turn out terrible. Please tell me how you did your slideshow.
    What software did you use?
    Did someone else do if for you?
    My friends are not computer literate and no one seems to know more than myself.
    Please help


  13. I want to make the hat larger by using more increasing rounds and I was wondering exactly how to do that. If you could help me i would really appreciate it.

  14. Teresa oi!
    Em rat thich nhung giao an cua chi
    Em hoc duoc rat nhieu o do

  15. teresa when r you going to post new hats i love how you make the videos is so easy to follow :)

    1. There are new hats on YouTube. www.youtube.com/tjw1963

  16. I NEED HELP!! I've started 3 times and just end up with what looks like a giant potholder... What am I doing wrong?

  17. is this pattern written on your site?


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