When you want something bad enough, you keep at it until you achieve your goal. Apply the same thought to crochet and it will be worth your time. I struggled when I first started out crocheting. A lot of it didn't makes sense to me. In 1983, I was a young mother with one baby and another one the way. I would find myself getting in to a rhythm, and then a baby would cry. I was frustrated that I couldn't crochet. I had found something that made me feel good about myself and that was crocheting. My time was limited but I still practiced every chance I got.

Today, things seem cheap and crochet is a very inexpensive hobby to do. Way back when I was young, I would finish up a project and wonder when I was going to have enough money to afford to buy a skein of yarn or ball a thread. My mom bought me a snowflake leaflet full of various snowflakes and many challenges. I had two hooks. A steele size 7 and an aluminum size I. I would recommend those sizes to anyone starting out since they will work with various yarns and threads. I would recommend a third basic size of F to cover the sport or baby weight yarns. You really don't need a large collection of hooks to crochet. I have found that I have favorite sizes and hooks that I always use. Thank goodness for crochet being relatively inexpensive.

The books and magazines have changed over the years. At one time we had to read the instructions. Now there are pictures with symbols to relay the instructions. I can remember my mom telling me to stay away from the books with the picture instructions because they are so confusing. By then I had already discovered the books with picture instructions and I loved them. I have found it is really helpful to learn the reading instructions as well as the picture instructions. It helps in learning advanced techniques. Practice, Practice, Practice and you will learn the art of crochet.


  1. I started crocheting today using your tutorials on youtube. Thank you for taking the time to make videos which show how to do things slowly, in slow motion and where your hands, the yarn and fabric can be seen clearly. Thanks to your clear instructions, everything just "clicked", where it has not even begun to gel with other tutorials. Again, thank you so much.


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